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I am a science teacher that has been sewing since I was a young child. I left my full-time job as a classroom teacher to pursue multiple business interests. I have a farm with an Airbnb Farm Stay, I teach part-time at a university, I design quilt and sewing patterns, and I sell my crafts at art and quilt shows.

My Sew STEM pattern line contains many science-themed patterns. I am fascinated by science. technology, engineering, and math. My favorites are space, geology, and freshwater. I have always been interested in inspiring the next generation to pursue a STEM career and I am hoping that I can inspire a few students through my patterns and artwork; especially girls!

But, not all of my patterns are about science because I have a few too many hobbies and never enough time. Most of my quilt patterns involve piecing but I do a lot of raw-edge applique as well.  I love paper piecing, so expect patterns in the future that involve this technique. I also have toy and doll clothes patterns.

I love art quilts, especially art quilts that tell a story. 

This is a quilt that is a topographic map of Crater Lake National Park.  The orange is the lowest elevation of land, the brown is higher and the highest land is yellow.  Crater Lake in the center is a caldera, which is a collapsed volcano that occurs after a volcano ejects its molten core and the top of the volcano collapses into the hole.  The dark blue is the deepest part of the lake and the light blue is the shallowest.  But, do you notice the island on the left side of the lake.  That is a cone that has pushed up from the center of the volcano and formed an island. Even cooler, the light blue circle in the lake, that looks like Pac-Man’s eye, is an underwater cone that hasn’t yet broke the surface.  I find this fascinating, I hope you do too

I have 12 patterns currently released, I am brand new and I will have many more released soon.  I hope to hear from all of you!













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